Loaves & Fishes/Friendship Trays is now Nourish Up!

Today, January 11, Loaves & Fishes/Friendship Trays unveiled a new name – Nourish Up – and a new brand, signaling a new chapter for this organization that has been fighting food insecurity in our community for nearly half a century.

“We are excited to announce a new name that proudly celebrates our deep history rooted in compassion and our bright, innovative future. Nourish Up succinctly captures our mission – an organization committed to lifting our community through food,” shares Tina Postel, CEO of Nourish Up, formerly Loaves & Fishes/Friendship Trays. “At Nourish Up we will continue to ensure that all of our neighbors have access to healthy food.”

Nourish Up announced its new name at the site of its future home, the Hunger Hub of Hope, located in Charlotte’s Thomasboro-Hoskins neighborhood at 901 Carrier Drive. The Nourish Up name and brand were developed at no cost to the organization in collaboration with Charlotte-based agency Wray Ward, as part of its 2022 EmpoWWer Grant Program.

New Logos:

The new Hunger Hub of Hope will open for operation later this spring. In the meantime, Nourish Up will continue to operate out of its existing administrative offices and warehouse at 648 Griffith Road, Charlotte, providing groceries, meals and hope through a network of food pantries, grocery home delivery and as the primary Meals on Wheels program for Mecklenburg County.

This past year, Nourish Up provided nourishing groceries to 137,806 neighbors in Mecklenburg County, the highest in their 48-year history. Almost half were children and seniors. This is a 29% increase over the 106,000 the organization served in 2022. Additionally, 126,868 medically tailored meals were delivered through their Meals on Wheels program.

“This dramatic increase in demand is not only a result of higher food, fuel and housing costs but also cuts to several pandemic era federal programs this past year. We are now seeing the impacts as families struggle to put food on the table.” says Postel.

Over 165,000 individuals in Mecklenburg County, including children and seniors, experience food insecurity, lacking consistent access to enough nutritious food for a healthy life. Nourish Up envisions a community that accepts no excuses for our neighbors going hungry and is committed to ending food insecurity once and for all.

Nourish Up is dedicated to ending food insecurity and ensuring every person has access to nourishing meals that not only fill their stomachs but also warm their hearts. Our caring and passionate team makes this happen through innovative partnerships, heartfelt advocacy, and community empowerment, transforming lives one plate at a time.

Media Kit: https://bit.ly/NourishUpMediaKit